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Mowiflex™ is a biodegradable water-soluble thermoplastic material based on polyvinyl alcohol and manufactured by Kuraray. Its excellent printability and cold-water solubility combined with low moisture absorption from the atmosphere makes it a perfect material to print complex structures. These complex structures can include moving parts and offer high quality print using FFF (fused filament fabrication) technology.

Mowiflex™ – water-soluble support material for 3D printing

After printing is complete, the support structures can be easily dissolved in water, which can be conveniently disposed to drain due to the biodegradable nature of Mowiflex™.

Mowiflex C 17 (3D 2000) is biodegradable in water according to ISO 14851 (biodegradation >90 % vs. cellulose withing 56 days).

Our product line for 3D Printing includes Mowiflex™ 3D 1000 and Mowiflex™ 3D 2000.

While the Mowiflex™ 3D 1000 can be used with PLA, PA and PVB in many applications, the Mowiflex™ 3D 2000 is for more demanding applications requiring better temperature resistance (up to 70°C in heated chamber), faster solubility and better adhesion to PLA, PA, PVB, TPU, PETG.

Low moisture absorption
Print complex parts
No organic solvents needed
High filament stiffness
Adhesion to various materials

Mowiflex™ for lost core injection molding

Mowiflex™ is a water soluble thermoplastic material based on polyvinyl alcohol. Excellent cold water solubility combined with low moisture absorption from the atmosphere render it the perfect support material for FFF (fused filament fabrication) based 3D printing processes. The application of Mowiflex™ as water soluble support material enables printing of complex structures even those containing moving parts in one piece and high quality.

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Mowiflex™ 3D printing guidelines

Mowiflex™ is a water-soluble material based on polyvinyl alcohol. It can be used as a water-soluble support material for additive manufacturing based on FFF (fused filament fabrication) processes to achieve maximum freedom in object design. For best printing results please follow the printing guidelines in this brochure. 

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