Kuraray Poval™ and Elvanol™ transform paper into art. With outstanding adhesion with cellulose due to hydrogen bonding, film strength, barrier properties, binding strength of filler, and dispersing performance, Kuraray Poval™ and Elvanol™ are used in a variety of paper applications. For example, the specialty grade Exceval™ enhances and improves paper performance by improving water, chemical, and oil resistance. 
Kuraray Poval™ and Elvanol™ offer significant advantages for strength and barrier properties in the commodity and specialty paper market.

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Binders and Coatings

Kuraray Poval™ and Elvanol™ are effective binders in coating formulations at the size press. Because of their excellent binding performance, they can replace starch on a one-to-five basis. With the incorporation of Kuraray Poval™ and Elvanol™ into binding solutions, the optical and surface properties are improved compared to a clear, uncoated sheet. In other sectors, Kuraray Poval™ and Elvanol™ are used as powerful binders to produce matte, glossy, or high-speed industrial inkjet papers. Additionally, both are used in thermal dyestuff dispersant, a thermal top coat agent under a combination with a crosslinking agent for thermal paper/label application.

  • Improves surface strength
  • Improves printability
  • Good compatibility with starches and CMC
  • Higher water resistance than starch
  • Lower BOD and COD than starch
  • Improves binding strength of inorganic substances like filler and silica
  • Enhances performance of fluorescent whitening agents
  • Reduces sheet porosity and provides oil and grease barrier
  • Will absorb water- or glycol-based ink
  • Will disperse leuco dye/developer of thermal paper
  • Cross-linking capability
  • Excellent gas barrier

  • Carrier of fluorescent whitening agents of Coated Paper
  • Surface sizing of Coated Paper/Banknote Paper/Paper Board Liner
  • Inner layer of Silicone Release Liner
  • Grease-proof paper as fluorochemical extenders
  • Ink-absorbing layer of ink jet printing paper
  • Dispersant of leuco dye/developer of thermal paper
  • Thermal paper top coat agent with a combination of crosslinking agent
  • Gas barrier paper
  • Micro-encapsulation aid in NCR paper (carbon-less paper)

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