Mowiflex™ is a water soluble, non-toxic thermoplastic material based on polyvinyl alcohol. It can be processed using conventional plastic processing technology, such as extrusion or injection molding. The applications of Mowiflex™ include the manufacturing of a broad range of water soluble objects, such as packaging, 3D printing filaments or degradable oilfield tools (frac balls and plugs). In the field of 3D printing Mowiflex™ is especially good for generating unprecedented geometries for water soluble support structures.

Mowiflex™ can also be used in combination with other plastics in order to improve their properties. For example the addition of Mowiflex™ to polyamides allows for enhanced permeability in smokable sausage casings.

Mowiflex™ grades are available with various dissolution characteristics and melt viscosities to fit the requirements of your application.

The Mowiflex™ grade names reflect dissolution characteristics as well as melt flow index.

  • Water-soluble
  • Biodegradable in aqueous solutions
  • Thermoplastically processible

  • Barrier film
  • Food packaging/casings
  • Water-soluble packaging
  • Injection molding
  • 3D printing (water-soluble support material)
  • Diverting Agent
  • Lost Cores injection molding
  • Oil & Gas (Frac balls)
  • Extrusion

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