Exceval™ is the trademark of Kuraray’s hydrophobically modified polyvinyl alcohol especially designed for the requirements of “high water resistance”. When used as a dispersing aid / protective colloid for the manufacture of polyvinyl acetate emulsion for wood adhesives, high water resistance like DIN D3 level can be achieved. This level of performance is accomplished without the addition of any cross-linking agents thanks to the excellent water resistance of Exceval™ itself. Exceval™ contributes to the production of “formaldehyde free”, environmentally friendly wood adhesives.

Exceval™ – An excellent barrier against oxygen and grease

Due to its high film forming property and water resistance, Exceval™ is also used for barrier layer of Silicon Release Paper application.

In aqueous gas barrier coating applications, coatings made of Exceval™ absorb significantly less humidity. Therefore Exceval™ provides coatings with excellent gas barrier properties, e.g. toward oxygen, carbon dioxide and various aromas even at elevated relative humidity. Furthermore, the resulting coatings are highly transparent and glossy, have a strong chemical resistance and provide good adhesion to metallization as well as excellent printability.

One additional interesting character is the formation of an excellent oil and grease barrier when coated on papers because of better film forming properties. Exceval™ is an excellent gap filler between paper pulp which results in less permeability of liquids.

Exceval™ is an FDA certified product and can be used in paper coating formulas and will be the best candidate of non-fluoro chemical barrier agents in the next generation of grease proof papers.

  • Improved water-resistance
  • Strong gas barrier at high humidity
  • Gas barrier versus oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and organic substances

  • Adhesives
  • Ceramic
  • Paper
  • Textile sizing and finishing
  • Photosensitive coatings
  • Pigmented paper coatings
  • Barrier coating of films, paper and other substrates from aqueous solutions

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