Polyvinyl alcohol products

Polyvinyl alcohol (polyvinylalcohol) has a variety of applications ranging from paper and textile industries to construction, adhesives and the oil and gas industry.

Elvanol™, colorful paper bags



Elvanol™ polyvinyl alcohol is widely used in diverse applications such as adhesives for paper, wood, textiles, leather, and other water-absorbent substrates; photosensitive coatings; specialty molded products; water-soluble, gas-tight films; paper and paperboard; and binders for pigmented paper coatings, ceramic materials, and nonwoven fabrics. 

Mowiflex™; support material



Mowiflex™ is Kuraray’s polyvinyl alcohol-based polymer compound that meets the requirements of thermoplastic processing. This nontoxic resin is water-soluble and forms clear, glossy films. It has high tensile strength and can be processed using standard thermoplastic technologies. 

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