History of Kuraray Poval™

Kuraray pioneered development of polyvinyl alcohol (Kuraray Poval™) in the early 1950s in a small plant in Japan. Originally in the form of the raw material Vinylon, Kuraray Poval™ was commercialized and sold by Kuraray beginning in 1958. As applications for Kuraray Poval™ were developed, Kuraray grew its production.

With a plant in Singapore and the acquisition of Clariant AG, Kuraray became a global leader in polyvinyl alcohol production. With the groundbreaking and construction of the new Kuraray Poval™ plant in Houston, Kuraray will continue to be the largest global producer of polyvinyl alcohol.

History; Kuraray Poval™
1958 Kuraray begins producing Kuraray Poval™ for commercial use, becoming the first company to do so in history
1961 Kuraray Poval™ sales reach the same level as Kuraray's original product, Vinylon.
1972 Kuraray Poval™ sales surpass Vinylon, firmly positioning the company as a top producer in the Poval resin industry.
1996 Kuraray enters into a joint venture in Singapore to build the first PVOH plant outside of Japan.
2001 Kuraray purchases PVOH and PVB Resin business from Clariant AG.
2003 Kuraray completes the construction of the its research and technical center in Pasadena, Texas.
2005 Kuraray develops new, market-changing technology, PVOH Film, for use in LCD TV screens; announces expansion of PVOH Film Plant in Japan; expands PVOH production in Germany by more than 20,000T.
2006 Kuraray expands PVOH Film plant in Japan to keep up with market demand for film.
2008 Kuraray dissolves joint venture in Singapore and becomes sole owner of the PVOH plant.
2010 Kuraray expands the PVOH Film plant to further supply for the growing demand in LCD applications.
2012 Kuraray acquires MonoSol, a PVOH Film manufacturer and expands German Kuraray Poval™ facility.
2013 Kuraray announces expansion of MonoSol facilities.
2014 Kuraray acquires Dupont Vinyl Acetate Product Groups including VAM, PVOH and PVB.

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