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Kuraray is a world leader in specialty chemicals and functional materials. Kuraray transforms materials for the future and for the ever-changing world. We are committed to developing materials that deliver quality and value while helping our customers differentiate themselves from their competition.

Kuraray has offices located around the world with production facilities in Germany, Singapore, Japan and two facilities in the United States.

Podcast Kuraray Poval™

Learn more about our high quality PVOH polymers and why they have become indispensable in many areas: from paper & packaging materials to sophisticated communication technologies.

Benefits Kuraray Poval™



Benefits from using Kuraray Poval™

Find out more about the benefits that you will experience when using our Kuraray Poval™ products.

Environment; Safety



Environment & Safety

Kuraray is committed to entering new fields of business through the use of pioneering technologies that help protect the environment and improve the quality of life. 

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Meet the Kuraray Poval™ experts at conferences or exhibitions around the world. 

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Contact Kuraray Poval™

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