News on the BPI Certification of Kuraray Poval™ resin


kuraray poval bpi certification member

What is BPI Certification?

It is the certification awarded by BPI, the leading authority on compostable products and packaging in North America, that certifies that our selected Kuraray Poval™ grades have been found to comply with the specifications established in the American Society for Testing and Materials standard ASTM D6400 in accordance with the terms and conditions of the “International Biodegradable Products Institute, Inc. Licensing & Certification Program for Compostable Products”.

How is this important?

BPI Certification of Kuraray Poval™ resin as an ingredient indicates the end-of-life opportunity for a compostable product. It means that our Kuraray Poval™ resin went through a rigorous process which included third-party verification and was found to comply with scientific standards that ensure Kuraray Poval™ resin will break down as expected in commercial facilities operating in accordance with ASTM D6400 and will not negatively impact compost quality.

For a complete list of certified Kuraray Poval™ grades click here: