Kuraray at TCT Show in Birmingham: New Mowiflex™ filament for 3D Printing


Hattersheim am Main, September 26, 2017. Kuraray is launching a new 3D printing filament manufactured under the Mowiflex™ brand offering a ground breaking water soluble support material technology to 3D printing. The company is presenting the development at TCT Show in Birmingham, UK, from September 26 - 28, 2017.

Kuraray at TCT Show in Birmingham: New Mowiflex™ filament for 3D Printing

Mowiflex™ as a water soluble support material for 3D printing shows excellent printability and cold water solubility combined with low moisture absorption from the atmosphere. This enables printing of complex structures, even including moving parts, in one piece and high quality print using FFF (fused filament fabrication) technology. 

After printing is complete, the support structures can be easily dissolved in water, which can be conveniently disposed to drain due to the biodegradable nature of Mowiflex™. Our latest development allows for faster dissolving and better adhesion to various materials (e.g. PLA, PA, PVB, TPU).

About Mowiflex™:
Mowiflex™ is a water soluble thermoplastic material based on PVOH made by Kuraray. The lineup include grades for various applications like 3D printing, injection molding, frac balls and diverting agents.

About Kuraray
Established in 1991, Kuraray Europe GmbH is based in Hattersheim, near Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In 2016 the company generated annual sales of over EUR 600 million. It has 660 employees in Germany at its sites in Hattersheim, Frankfurt and Troisdorf. Kuraray is a global speciality chemicals company and one of the largest suppliers of polymers and synthetic microfibres for many sectors of industry. Examples are Kuraray Poval™, Mowital®, Trosifol® and CLEARFIL™. Kuraray Europe also has 180 employees at six other European sites. They are also working on the development and application of innovative high-performance materials for a wide range of sectors, including the automotive, paper, glass and packaging industries, as well as for architects and dentists. 
Kuraray Europe is a wholly owned subsidiary of the publicly listed Kuraray Group, which is based in Tokyo, Japan, and has around 10,000 employees worldwide and sales of over EUR 4 billion.

Press contact at the show:
Massimo Bricchi
Regional Marketing Manager 
Mowiflex Team
Kuraray Europe GmbH
Philipp-Reis-Straße 4
65795 Hattersheim am Main
Tel.: +39 02 96766201
E-Mail: massimo.bricchi@kuraray.com  
Internet: www.kuraray.eu


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