Kuraray Poval™ – 多様な用途で活躍する機能性樹脂

Kuraray Poval™は、クラレがグローバルに展開するポリビニルアルコール(PVOH)のブランド名です。Kuraray Poval™ は、水溶性、優れた成膜性、高い引張強度、弾性、耐有機溶剤性、分散性など物理的・化学的特性から、紙、接着剤、繊維、建築、セラミックス、包装、エレクトロニクスなど幅広い用途で使用されています。




Excellent crosslinking for paper, textiles and adhesives

Kuraray Poval™ K grades have very good crosslinking properties and excellent solubility in water – for applications in the paper, packaging and textile industries and in emulsions for adhesives [more]

Excellent bonding power for high-performance coatings

Integrated silanol groups give Kuraray Poval™ R grades outstanding bonding power – so coatings have excellent adhesion to inorganic materials such as glass, aluminum and steel [more]

Low methanol content for well-tolerated cosmetics

Thanks to their low methanol content, Kuraray Poval™ LV grades have no adverse health impacts and a good environmental profile – for cosmetics and personal-care products that are kinder to the skin. 

Low viscosity and water-soluble for higher quality PVC

Kuraray Poval™ L grades have low hydrolysis and are completely soluble in water. The unique viscosity of these PVOH polymers makes them ideal as protective colloids in PVC suspension polymerization. [more]

In addition, Kuraray markets low-hydrolyzed Kuraray Poval™ LM grades. Their low glass transition temperature and excellent dispersing properties make them ideal as strong secondary protective colloids for PVC production. [more]

Benefit from the wide range of high-performance materials from Kuraray, a world-leading PVA producer, that meet the highest standards for your individual applications.

  • 優れた造膜性
  • 優れた接着強度
  • ガスバリア性
  • 反応性(架橋性)
  • 水溶性
  • 生分解かつ再利用可能
  • 非有害性

  • 繊維
  • 紙加工
  • 接着剤
  • エマルジョン
  • 塩ビ
  • 塩ビ樹脂分散剤
  • 繊維経糸糊付
  • 繊維加工
  • 油田掘削
  • 繊維用途
  • 熱可塑性加工
  • 油田掘削用途
  • ガラスファイバー


連絡先クラレポバール™ 連絡先

連絡先クラレポバール™ 連絡先


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