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PVOH fibre networks

08/07/2020 |

Natural fibres instead of plastics: Kuraray is providing materials, expertise and funding for European project on sustainable substitutes for plastics

Kuraray is contributing its PVOH (polyvinyl alcohol) brands KURALON™, KURARAY POVAL™ and EXCEVAL™ to the VTT project “Piloting Alternatives for…

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06/22/2020 | Product News

Two new PVOH types for Europe: KURARAY POVAL™ 3-88 and 6-96 for paper coatings and adhesives with perfect flow properties

Kuraray is commencing production of two new polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) grades in Europe: KURARAY POVAL™ 3-88 for low-viscosity coatings and…

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04/16/2020 | Product News

New KURARAY POVAL™ Grades available

Kuraray is the market leading global manufacturer of polyvinyl alcohol selling products with the following brand names: KURARAY POVAL™/ ELVANOL™ /…

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11/07/2019 | Press Releases

Kuraray at Formnext in Frankfurt am Main, Germany: MOWIFLEX™ 3D 2000 – Sustainable filament for 3D Printing

Hattersheim am Main, November 07, 2019. Kuraray is launching a new biodegradable 3D printing filament manufactured under the MOWIFLEX™ brand offering…

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10/30/2019 | Press Releases

Kuraray and IMCD: partnership for cosmetic applications with KURARAY POVAL™ LV-grades

Kuraray and IMCD have entered into a strategic alliance to make polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) available as an excipient ingredient for cosmetic…

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09/09/2019 | Press Releases

KURARAY POVAL™ - global harmonization activities

Kuraray, as a global supplier of Polyvinyl alcohol, under our brand name KURARAY POVAL™, with production sites in all major global markets, continue…

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07/26/2019 | Product News

可乐丽 POVAL™ 22-88 LV

甲醇是聚乙烯醇(PVOH)生产中常用的一种溶剂,而市面上所有的聚乙烯醇均含有一定量的甲醇残留挥发物。可乐丽 POVAL™ 中的甲醇残留量的标准规格低于3%重量比。根据客户要求,我们可以提供甲醇残留量低于1%重量比的产品。

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06/13/2019 |

Kuraray goes Amazon: water-soluble 3D printing filament now available online

The water-soluble support filament Mowiflex 3D 2000 allows the production of complex structures on 3D printers. Now this professional-use material is…

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05/03/2019 | Press Releases

Kuraray at Rapid + TCT in Detroit, Michigan: Launch of new MOWIFLEX™ filament for 3D Printing

Hattersheim am Main, May, 3 2019. Kuraray is launching a new 3D printing filament manufactured under the MOWIFLEX™ brand offering a ground breaking…

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04/24/2019 | Press Releases

“We create innovative packaging materials with barrier coatings to fight plastic waste”

By 2030, all plastic packaging in the EU should be reusable or recyclable. Environmentally friendly packaging with barrier coatings such as EXCEVAL™…

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