Kuraray Poval™ 用途 石油和天然气应用

Kuraray Poval™




多年来,人们已成功将Kuraray Poval™用作降失水剂以进行油井固井。该聚乙烯醇添加剂有助于节约成本,且未对水泥凝结时间造成延迟影响。因此,它使得油井施工变得快速、高效。


  • 减少API标准固井过程中的失水
  • 与其它水泥添加剂有很好的相容性
  • 成本低于其他降失水剂

  • 水力压裂
  • 可溶性油工具

  • 优良的粘结剂
  • 减少失水
  • 减少固井过程中的产水
  • 与其它水泥添加剂兼容

  • 适于油井固井作业的添加剂

Kuraray Poval™ Oil & Gas Applications

Kuraray Poval™ resin, when mixed with cement powder, water, dispersant and defoamer, will prevent fluid loss to the formation in cementing operations. Kuraray Poval™ is an excellent binder, reduces fluid loss, reduces water production in the cementing process, and is compatible with other cement additives. It contributes to cost savings by enabling fast and cost-efficient oil well construction and has shown no retardation effect on the cement setting time.

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kuraray poval oil and gas applications

POLY LOC™ Diverting Agent

POLY LOC™ is an effective chemical diverting agent capable of providing a temporary diversion to enhance stimulation of the perforation clusters in the targeted zones in a wellbore. POLY LOC™ is a class of water-soluble diverting agents and as a result, dissolve quickly to reduce the non-productive time without the need to add acid.

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