09/09/2019 | Press Releases

Kuraray Poval™ - global harmonization activities

Kuraray, as a global supplier of Polyvinyl alcohol, under our brand name Kuraray Poval™, with production sites in all major global markets, continue with our activities to improve customer support.

In addition to our global grade consolidation, we would like to introduce additional change as follows:

Consolidation of small bag business: 

As currently depending on production site small bags are offered either with a weight of 20kg (delivered with 50 bags per pallet with a total weight of 1000 kg) or 25kg (delivered with 50 bags per pallet with a total weight of 1250 kg) we will stop producing material in 25kg bags from Oct 1st, 2019. 

This decision is following the global trend to lower single unit weights for work health and safety. 

After stopping production of material in 25kg bags, we will continue to sell remaining 25 kg inventory produced prior to October 1st. We anticipate a transition period during which Kuraray Poval™ will be sold in different packaging units (25kg or 20kg) depending on customer and grades. It is our goal to avoid any inconvenience to our customers. Our sales manager will contact you to discuss the change process. 


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