Kuraray Poval™ LV grades are now available directly from the manufacturer, Kuraray Europe GmbH


Hattersheim, January 19, 2023. As from January 2023 Kuraray will take over the direct sales of Kuraray Poval™ LV grades for the cosmetic industry in the regions EMEA and America.

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Kuraray Poval™ LV grades have been specially designed for cosmetic and personal care applications. For these grades we have compiled adapted regulatory brochures/dossiers and give statements on: Nanomaterials, Heavy metals, Micro-plastics, Fragrances, Methanol, Animal testing and Biodegradation. The Kuraray Poval™ LV grades are produced under GMP conditions and have a specified Methanol (MeOH) content below 0,3% ex Germany and even below 0.1% ex Japan. Polyvinyl alcohol is a nonionic water soluble polymer that is well suited for water based cosmetic and personal care products. Polyvinyl alcohol is a linear and crystalline polymer that is also biodegradable under the right conditions.

Kuraray is one of the world's leading specialty chemicals companies based in Hattersheim am Main and offers polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH). As of January 2023, Kuraray will be distributing the Kuraray Poval LV grades directly to the cosmetic industry in the European and American region," explains Heiko Mack, Director of Director of Poval Business at Kuraray. Kuraray has always been satisfied with the promotion and development of Kuraray Poval™ LV grades by IMCD however by mutual agreement, this partnership has ended on December 31st, 2022. You can contact us directly for any request related to the products in the PVOH range. You will find below your new contact details.

Juliana Takimoto
Kuraray Europe GmbH
Business Area Poval Resin
Philipp-Reis Str. 4
65795 Hattersheim / Germany
Phone: +49 69 305 84968​​​​


About Kuraray
Established in 1991, Kuraray Europe GmbH is based in Hattersheim, near Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In 2020 the company generated annual sales of EUR 593 million. It has more than 800 employees in Germany at its sites in Hattersheim, Frankfurt and Troisdorf. Kuraray is a global speciality chemicals company and one of the largest suppliers of polymers and synthetic microfibres for many sectors of industry. Examples are KURARAY POVAL™, Mowital®, Trosifol® and CLEARFIL™. Kuraray Europe also has around 215 employees at six other European sites. They are also working on the development and application of innovative high-performance materials for a wide range of sectors, including the automotive, paper, glass and packaging industries, as well as for architects and dentists.

Kuraray Europe is a wholly owned subsidiary of the publicly listed Kuraray Group, which is based in Tokyo, Japan, and has more than 11,200 employees worldwide and sales of EUR 4,4 billion.