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Prodotti alcool polivinilico

Alcool polivinilico (resina) ha una varietà di applicazioni che vanno dalle industrie della carta e tessili da costruzione, collanti e l'industria petrolifera e del gas.



Kuraray Poval™ is water-soluble, has specific colloidal characteristics, excellent film-forming properties, and high tensile strength. In additi-on, it is elastic and resistant to heat and organic solvents.


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Kuraray Poval at TAPPICON 2024

TAPPICon 2024

April 28th - May 1st 2024
Cleveland, Ohio

Kuraray Poval at ISF World Seed Congress 2024

ISF World Seed Congress 2024

May 27th - 29th 2024
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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Kuraray Co., Ltd. announces its decision to upwardly revise the prices of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH) resin. Details of the revisions are given below.


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