Oil and Gas Applications


Proper oil well cementing with KURARAY POVAL™ as a fluid loss additive has been successfully performed for many years. This polyvinyl alcohol additive contributes to cost savings and has shown no retardation effect on the cement setting time. Therefore, it enables fast and cost-efficient oil well construction.


  • Reduces fluid loss during cementing within API standards
  • Good compatibility with other cement additives
  • Lower cost than other fluid loss additives

Other Oil Field Applications

  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Soluble oil tools


  • Excellent binder
  • Reduces fluid loss
  • Reduces water production in cementing process
  • Compatible with other cement additives


  • Additive for oil well cementing operations

Brochure "KURARAY POVAL™ Oil & Gas Applications"

KURARAY POVAL™ resin, when mixed with cement powder, water, dispersant and defoamer, will prevent fluid loss to the formation in cementing operations. KURARAY POVAL™ is an excellent binder, reduces fluid loss, reduces water production in the cementing process, and is compatible with other cement additives. It contributes to cost savings by enabling fast and cost-efficient oil well construction and has shown no retardation effect on the cement setting time.

LPE-726 Diverting Agent

The LPE-726 diverting agent is an effective chemical diverting agent capable of providing a temporary diversion to ensure complete stimulation of the perforation clusters in the targeted zones in a wellbore.